Closure Wigs Installation Hacks


Closure wigs, the most demanded in the wig world, comes in tons of options. Whether you want the tightest curl or straightest, single colour or multi-colours, closure wigs are there for you. But have you ever wondered why closure wigs are called the lifesaver? Well, they protect your natural hair along with having a fantastic hairdo!

The 613 closure wig might look difficult to wear, but it’s not. Don’t worry about the installation method if you’re planning to invest in closure wigs or have already invested. Following these four steps, you’ll easily wear closure wigs in no time!

Excess Lace Removal

After you’ve successfully tied your hair and set the wig on your head, you’ll notice lace hanging on your forehead. Some of you might not want to cut it out and try to suppress it under the wigs, but it’s necessary. Or else, it will give you the puffed and fake hair look. No, you don’t want that. So, mark the excess, take your wigs on your hands, and start cutting.

Don’t cut all the way from the roots and leave one and a half inches. It will allow you to set that wig perfectly.

Cover all the Natural Hair

Once you’ve removed the excess lace, set all your hairs smoothly so they won’t pop out of the wig. If they do, they’ll probably not match your wig’s colour and give you the fake hair look. The recommendation is to settle all your natural hair into a sleek bun before putting on the wig.

For most of you, baby hairs will be there to tease you, but don’t you worry. Slowly and sleekly settle them all.


Now that all the hair is settled, mark the thinnest white line near the scalp and wig lace area. And now it’s time to conceal. All you’ve to do is put a little concealer on that narrow white line. Concealing with the help of a brush can do a better trick.

After the concealer part, put a darker shade of face powder than your face on the concealed area to settle all the concealer.

Settle That Wig Shine

If you have a new wig, or your wig is still shiny as fresh, this trick is a must for you. A shiny hair wig will give you a drastic fake look. So, unless you don’t purposely want that look, you must do this one. All you should do is put some baby powder to settle the shine. And brush it to settle all the powder.

Final Verdict

A closure wig gives you many options to style your hair without damaging your natural hair. Styling and installing a wig are always necessary, but the most mandatory is to take care of that wig. You don’t want that much money to waste after some use. So, you must take care of it like your own hair.

One of the best ways is to use a wide tooth comb to detangle the wig; it doesn’t disturb the roots of the wig. Wigs should also be cleaned and washed with the right product and clean water to let that shine stay.


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