How to effectively clean your vehicle with a pressure washer


Well, this is a most common question especially when you own a car, you want your car to look good and appeal to everyone’s eyes. Paint for the car is the same as moisture for skin. Both used to cover the skin. If our skin gets damaged, we must take some facial cleanser to rinse the dirt off and make it attractive. There are some steps and tricks that if we follow we our car paint won’t get damaged or blemished by the pressure of pressure washer. Most people think pressure washer remove their car paint. Well, that’s half-truth! Let’s start with the main causes which damage car paints, some tricks to protect your car, and how pressure washer is effective.

4 Reasons why the Car Paints  get damaged and their Solutions

1. Compatible PSI Range

The massive majority of expert recommendations having decades of experience of pressure washing says that pressure washing can not damage the car paint unless the appropriate amount of PSI is provided to the car which is 1200-1900 pressure per square inch. Above this range of PSI can lead to damage to the car paint.

2. Electric VS Gas

Generally choosing a Gasoline model for pressure washing cars can have more chances to ripped off and damage the car paint because it supplies more pressure with water to your car and can even break the glass window while the electric pressure washer is easy to handle and would be best for pressure washing a car at home.

3. Nozzle Angle

Nozzle angle is the tip used to connect at the of the wand of pressure washer. It regulated the pressure and supply it accordingly. There is a variety of nozzle angles for different surfaces while pressure washing. Choosing the wrong tip could damage the surface. Anything which is above 15 degrees is ideal for pressure washing and anything which is below this can surely damage the car paint.

4. Indoor Parking

Genuinely people don’t consider this important factor while pressure washing a car and their cars paint get damaged. To cope with this you have to park your car in an open environment so by chance if the pressure gets out of control you might not get hurt and can keep the wand away in any direction without hurting the car, house interior, plants, and pets around you.

How to look after our Car Paint after pressure washing?

Now when you completely understand the guide and can wash your car by yourself using a pressure washer. You must know the things which your car doesn’t want. And you just have to pay attention to small things. Sometimes small mistakes lead us to big stray.

  • While rinsing dirt off from your car, always use a clean cloth.
  • Park your car under a shelter.
  • Avoid putting coffee mugs on your car because coffee stains are hard to remove.
  • Handling your car very carefully while in contact with sharp edges or it will damage the car paint.


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