Android TV Boxes: Everything You Need to Know


Smart TVs, or televisions that can stream media from the internet, are widely available. But not every smart TV is made equally. By connecting any TV to an app store and providing it access to a variety of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, an Android TV box transforms any TV into a smart TV. This implies that you may still reap the rewards of streaming video even if you own an outdated TV or one without built-in internet.

What Is an Android TV Box?

The fact that there are several devices referred to as “android tv boxes” might be misleading. Instead, it describes a collection of compact, portable gadgets that you can connect to your TV to make it a smart TV. These devices connect to your TV through HDMI and run the Android operating system. They go by the names Android sticks or dongles as well.


It’s time to configure the hardware now that you have your TV box. Start by plugging in any necessary additional accessories after connecting the box to your TV with HDMI cables (such as a keyboard and mouse). After that, use an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to connect your Boxee Box to the internet. Installing a remote-control app will allow you to manage your device from any tablet or smartphone.


The term “Android TV Box” is a blanket term used to refer to any device that runs the Android operating system. Because of this, there are several different types of devices that fall under the category of an Android TV box. For example, if you’re looking for a device to use as a media center or gaming console, then your best option would be an Android TV box that comes with its own built-in hardware keyboard and remote control. However, if all you want is something that can stream content from your favorite apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus then it will be much easier (and less expensive) for you to get started with one of these boxes that run on top of another streaming service such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Buying Guide

First, check to see if it has all your desired features. If you want to be able to stream videos and play games, you’ll need a device that can handle that. Likewise, if you plan on doing lots of web browsing and streaming music from your home computer or other devices on the network, make sure the box has enough RAM (memory) for those tasks. You might also want to get one with built-in Wi-Fi—it’s much faster than using a USB dongle connected by cable—and one with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect wireless headphones or gaming controllers without having too much clutter around your living room entertainment center.

Second, check whether the device will work with your TV set before purchasing it. Some TVs have HDMI ports but not others; some require MHL connections for high-resolution video playback while others do not support MHL at all. Thirdly, look into how many gigabytes of storage space each model offers before buying one; some models only come with 8GB while others may offer up to 32GB or more.

You can use an Android TV box to make any TV a smart TV

You can use an Android TV box to make any TV a smart TV. If you want to watch movies, TV shows or live sports, or play games on your television but don’t want to pay for cable (or restrict yourself to watching only what’s available on Netflix), then an Android TV box is the right choice for you.

A lot of people also use these devices in their homes as a way of getting access to YouTube content without having it blocked by local internet providers.


In conclusion, those looking to upgrade their TV to a smart one should consider getting an Android TV box. You can do so many different things with it, and it’s simple to set up and use! The best part is how inexpensive they are in comparison to other choices. So, before making that decision, read on for more details about what exactly it does if you’ve been considering purchasing one of these devices for yourself or someone else as a gift this holiday season (or anytime).


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