Bead Spinners and their Types: All you Need To Know


You often wish you could make your jewelry because what you find at the store does not look appealing or match your aesthetic. The jewelry might have color combinations you do not like, low-quality materials, and bad designs. With the creation of bead spinners, you can make jewelry to suit your tastes and preferences. A bead spinner is a tool with a bowl shape with a middle spindle used to put beads on wire or thread.

Beadwork dates back to ancient times when they used their hands to string beads on threads. Thus, the development of tools like bead spinners has been instrumental to modern beading. Bead spinners vary in size and material used but have the same standard shape.Types of Bead Spinners

1. Electrical Bead Spinner

An electrical bead spinner is battery-powered and fitted with a motor that enables it to spin automatically. The spinner allows spinning clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on how you hold the thread. The electrical bead spinner has three exchangeable bowls with covers that can hold many beads. The electrical bead spinner may be noisy due to the presence of a moto; therefore, mechanical noise is involved.

2.Mini-wooden Spinners

The mini wooden spinner is convenient for people using beads of smaller sizes and small amounts of beads as it is smaller than the conventional bead spinner. Mini wood spinners are made of wood and have two base shapes you can choose from: the round shape and hex- shape base. The mini wooden spinner spins manually using the hands. Buying trays while working with mini wooden spinners can help reduce the work of switching bead colors. The mini wooden spinner is best for smaller projects due to its bead carrying capacity and size. Mini wooden spinners differ in spindle design; some may be smaller than others may.

3.Artisan-Made Spinners

Artisan Spinners are hand-made by different skilled individuals. Artisan spinners differ in terms of production as various artisans make them. These spinners are made of wood, plastic, and aluminum. The parameters of artisan bead spinners vary depending on the artisan’s design. Some have wider bases and are heavier, while others are lighter with smaller ones. The size of the spindles depends on the artisan’s design.

4.Standard Wooden Spinners.

Standard Wooden Spinners come in two designs. The first design is where the spindle has a knob on the top, while in the second; the spindle does not have a knob. Standard wooden spinners allow the user to regulate the spinning speed and direction. Standard spinners have large wooden bowls that can fit large-sized beads and many beads, allowing the user to do larger projects.Conclusion

Whether you are beading as a hobby or commercially, the type of bead spinner you use can affect your production rate. Whether dealing with large or small projects, you can choose between electrical bead spinners, Mini wooden bead spinners, artisan-made bead spinners, and standard wooden spinners to improve your beading experience and production. Purchase the correct bead spinner and improve your beading experience while increasing production.



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