Frequently Asked Questions About Fifa 23 Coins


There is always a lot of myths about the fifa 23 ps4 coins on what you can do with and without the coins. With this guide, we will answer some of the most common questions about the Fifa 23 Coins you may have come across;

What is the purpose of Fifa 23 Coins?

Fifa 23 coins are a virtual currency you can use on the game to improve overall gameplay and enjoy the game. You can purchase a buying pack from the Fifa store with the Fifa 23 Coins. Also, the coins are helpful for buying some items available only on the Fifa ultimate team.  Fifa 23 Coins also enable you to pay and play for some competitions on the Fifa Ultimate team. The purpose of those competitions is usually to earn more FUT Coins, so you need to stake in some of them. The purpose of playing Fifa Ultimate Team is to improve your club and compete globally. This will involve opening game packs while you play the game. Also, you need to trade some item cards.

Is it possible to transfer Coins from the previous game to the new Fifa?

As a complete Fifa player, you will most likely have been playing the ultimate team from the past episodes. Fifa releases games yearly, or at the very least, every eighteen months. If you have been playing a top team on Fifa 22, you must have put in a lot of Coins due to the consistency of playing the game. However, instead, unfortunately, the coins you have in the Fifa 22 can’t get transferred into the Fifa 23 Coins. It can be very painful, but think about it as a new challenge. Fifa is trying to ensure that the new games are played on a level playing ground for everyone.

How can you earn Fifa 23 Coins?

The Process of earning Fifa 23 coins in the Fifa ultimate team is not a complex one. You can earn these Coins by doing any of the following;

  • Play the game: This is the easiest way to earn coins. The more you win, the more Coins you get.
  • Sell your cards. While you play, you may get some cards. These cards are helpful for some other games, but you can quickly exchange these cards for the Fifa 23 Coins.
  • Being smart in the transfer. There will come a time while you play Fifa that you can sell players and items to earn these Fifa 23 Coins. If you are smart enough to buy things for the lowest prices and sell at higher rates, you get more Coins.


If you are new to playing the Fifa Ultimate Team, you will have lots of questions about the Fifa 23 Coins. This will not be the case if you have been playing the game for a while. However, in both cases, you will still want to ask questions to know about the Coins or whatever additions and improvements that Fifa has added to the game. This article has discussed some of the most common questions you may have about your Fifa 23 coins on Fifa Ultimate Team. However, it is usually better to do your research and learn about the game. Fifa, like any other thing in the world, is better understood when you focus on the game properly.


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