Simple Tips On Changing Your Straight Human Hair Wig To Curly


The straight human hair wig is one of the most common and beloved wigs available. If worn well, the wig’s appearance is almost like real hair. Furthermore, some come in human hair bundles that ensure you have whatever dream volume you desire. In addition, just like real human hair, the human hair wigs allow for various styling options like curling. If you wish to curl your straight human hair wig, below are simple tips on how to curl your wig.

Tips on how to curl your straight human hair wig

1. Use rollers on your straight human hair wig

Before using rollers on your straight human hair wig, ensure to first clean and brush it. Then, when your wig is dry, place the roller at the end of the wig’s hair strand and roll it to the head. Ensure to use a small portion at a time and repeat the process until you are done with every hair strand. The best benefit of using the roller is that it does not require heating tools. Furthermore, it is effortless to use.

2. Use a curling iron

The curling iron offers the fastest way of developing curls from your straight human hair wigs. The process requires you to use a heating tool. Generally, heating tools are not advised to be used on wigs. Therefore, ensure to use the lowest temperature possible. The low temperature should be enough to help you gain the curls you need. The best temperature level is 180 Fahrenheit. High temperatures on your wig can reduce its life span. To curl your wig, ensure that it is adequately brushed with a wide toothbrush. Then take strands of hair and begin carling. You can choose to curl the hair in the same direction, thus ensuring it is more attractive.

3. Use flat irons on your straight human hair wigs

Flat irons are another excellent way of curling your straight human hair wigs. The key point to note is that flat irons are like curling irons. If you use too high a temperature, you may damage the hair texture. Therefore, the best temperature level for the flat irons is 250 Fahrenheit. In addition, the best benefit of the flat iron is that it ensures that your human hair wig develops curls instantly. Therefore, in comparison to rollers, the flat iron will not take you hours to get the curls.

The required precautions while using a curling iron and flat iron

· Avoid heating your wig too much

The essential precaution is not to prolong the straight human hair wig heating exposure. The maximum time you should spend to attain the curls is 10 seconds. Therefore, ensure to let your hair rest after every 10 seconds.

· Conduct a heat test

Before you start curling, conduct a heat test. The heat test will ensure you can determine how much heat your wig can sustain.

· Use moisturizer

Once you have attained your curls, ensure to use moisturizer. The moisturizer will prevent your straight human hair wig from drying up.


The best benefit of the straight human hair wig is that it shares almost the same characteristics as real human hair. Therefore, you can do it as you like if you wish to have curls on the wig. The above are simple tips that will guide you on how best to achieve the curls.


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